• “Marriage” State vs. God

    Documentary “Marriage” State vs. God

    What is the first union between two people?  If it was given to Man and Women from God why do we need the State to make it legal?  Perhaps we don’t or shouldn’t.

    Man is to leave is Father and Mother and cleave to his Wife as one.  So if the union is to be between husband, wife and God there is no room for the state to intervene.

    How far can two people that are married without the legal technicalities without the state interfering? 

    With the divorce rate being 50% within five years and the process that both have to endure because they have a legalized marriage certificate from the state would turn anyone to hate the concept of marriage.  Does it have to be that way?

    Let’s fine out…

    We are looking to interview professional people with backgrounds and history of religion, government and law.

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