Parents Against Court Corruption (PACC)

Parents Against Court Corruption is very risky.  That’s why, as a parent, you’re always there for your children no matter what the courts has to say.  Alienating a child from a loving parent is a crime against humanity and a sin against God.  From your child’s first steps to their first day in school to their first love, you’ll worry about them because you care.  You want the best for them and by teaching them life skills and setting the example.  With that comes along with setting limits so your child will succeed and thrive in an unforgiving world.

With family courts getting out of control it becomes more challenging for parents fighting a system based on profits, lies, deception, manipulation, and numerous vindictive acts that can scare any parent to surrender.  Because “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.” proverbs 14:15 The voice from the parent isn’t heard and very little support is offered from within society.  Family and friends are often supportive by listening but speechless and powerless in your defense.

PACC is designed to bring the individual groups together from state to state by setting the tone. Judith 5:21 We are only stronger in numbers not by individual groups because absolute power can and will corrupt absolutely. 

After all, experts can judge people all they want but the reality and the facts exist biblically they too will be judge by a superior judge.  Because letting their iniquities exist here is also a sin.

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