Parental Rights
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Radio Programming

Talk Show Radio Programs

Radio shows are held weekly for the year 2016.  Live Broadcast is once a week where callers can call-in and ask questions. 

Talk Show Host Raymond M. Brandl will conduct 52 shows once per week and over 200 experts throughout N. America will be interviewed throughout the year.

If you’re interested in coming on our show please send in your request for a screening.  Everyone is encourage to contribute to the show.

  1. 52 Week Agenda – Board Members Planning For the Year…
    1. About Parental
    2. Website Explanation and the WHY?
    3. Talking about the upcoming year and what to expect
    4. Explain the video “Evil Behind The Scenes”
    5. Software Tools
  2. Religion and the devils evil schemes and their agents
    1. If you were the devil
    2. Attacking the Family
    3. Suicide Statistics
    4. Interview Guests
    5. Callers
  3. PACC – Parent Against Court Corruption
    1. What is PACC
    2. Bonding all individuality to one group
    3. Interview Other Group Leaders
    4. Callers
  4. Bonding Together
    1. The Explanation
    2. Interview Guest
    3. Tools that parents can use.  Please reply back on some tools so I can list them on the website...
    4. Bonding Together.
    5. Encourage Psychological Abuse.
    6. MMPI Fraud
    7. Richard Warshack and his book. - University of Houston...
    8. Child/Parent Alienation
    9. Story about Marines (Mother and Son visitation via Boot Camp Graduation)
    10. 50,000 Targeted Parents.  Please provide links and documentation
    11. High Conflict Courts
    12. Children need both parents
    13. Misconception of sexual abuse (Parent that's alienated)
    14. Religious Background (Quotes)
    15. Live-in Psychological Evaluation
    16. What is a Narcissist
    17. Callers
  5. Child/Parent Alienation
    1. Why does this happen to so many people
    2. Statistics
    3. Suicide Tendencies
    4.  Interview Guest
    5. Callers
  6. CPS & Social Services
    1. What is their business model
    2. Average cost per child
    3. Federal Funding and Incentives
    4. False Allegations
    5. Good Parents Looking Bad
    6. Interview Guest
    7. Callers
  7. Family Courts in general
    1. The Roots of Family Court
    2. Federal Funding
    3. Statistics
    4. Interview Guest
    5. Callers
  8. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    1. Does it say anything about the family unit?
    2. Does law enforcement require to know the Constitution?
    3. Does the Military required to know the Declaration of War, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights?
    4. What is the dumbing down all about?
    5. Does Family Law follow there oath regarding the Constitution?
  9. Judicial Commission
    1. How are they voted in?
    2. How to get a different judge?
    3. Does the panel of judges get incentives from Family Courts?
    4. Why does a family court bring in more money than civil or criminal courts?
  10. FBI Lookout and other investigations
    1. What is the FBI and what can they do?
    2. Does the FBI really help?
    3. What cases has the FBI reviewed and what were the results.
  11. Child Support (Title4-D)
    1. Tell me it’s not about the money.
    2. What is TITLE4-D?
    3. Who organized this system?
    4. How does it work?
    5. Can it be changed?
    6. What are the thoughts of the Senators?
    7. Statistics via Parents Claiming Bankruptcy…
  12. Guardian Ad Litem – Qualifications
    1. What is a GAL
    2. The Job and goals of a GAL
    3. Actual Audio Recording – You Decide
    4. Accountability
    5. Interview Guest
    6. Callers
  13. Statistics
    1. The breakdown of the family
    2. Divorces
    3. Global Agenda
    4. Child Alienation
    5. Life without parents (Mom or Dad)
    6. Interview Guest
    7. Callers
  14. Good vs. Bad Judges/Commissioners
    1. How to identify a bias judge
    2. How to recuse a bad judge
    3. False Allegations
    4. Is bad behavior encouraged?
    5. Statistics
    6. How to rid of bad judges; Is there any such thing?
    7. Immunity.  Tell me it’s not so?
    8. For the people by the people.  Does it exist?
  15. The Narcissistic Parent
    1. How to spot a narcissistic parent
    2. Results of bad behavior
    3. Showing emotion a bad thing?
    4. Can the system entice a narcissistic behavior?
    5. Do good people make wrong decisions?
    6. Kids are mean BUT adults are meaner.  True or False?
  16. Restraining Orders
    1. What is a restraining order?
    2. Constitutional Rights
    3. False Allegations
    4. Statistics
    5. Interview Guest
    6. Callers
  17. Government Officials upholding there oath
    1. What is their oath
    2. The history of an oath and how profound is it
    3. Is it required to know the Constitution or the Bill of Rights by government officials?
  18. Family Court – Pro Se
    1. What is Pro Se?
    2. How effective is Pro Se?
    3. How are you treated
    4. Is it about the State Bar
    5. What about the money
    6. Hidden or kept quiet conversations
  19. Family Court – How To and how sufficient
    1. Pro Se?
    2. Fighting with a lawyer.  Are they really in your best interests?
    3. Audio record every conversation?
    4. Holding your lawyer accountable.
    5. Gag Orders?
    6. Restraining Orders?
    7. The Sheriff in the court rooms?
    8. Courtroom Witness vs. closed courtrooms
  20. Racketeering
    1. What is Racketeering
    2. What can we do about it?
    3. What’s the agenda?
    4. Why do these people support evil schemes?
    5. The hidden agenda…
    6. Interview Guest
    7. Callers
  21. Child Custody
    1. How effective are child custody studies?
    2. What are the results when studies go bad?
    3. Statistics
    4. The Alienating Child and Parent
    5. How long is too long…
  22. MMPI & Psychological Evaluations
    1. How valid is the MMPI?
    2. Why does Family Court use MMPI if it’s flawed?
    3. Who are the Psychologist and why are they chosen?
    4. Words from a retired Psychologist and about Family Court.
    5. The Guardian Ad Litem?
  23. Mediation
    1. What is Mediation?
    2. What happens when mediation doesn’t work?
    3. What are some tactics that mediators use and what to look for.
    4. Actual recording of mediation from various states that absolutely corrupt.
  24. How to setup time with your legislators
    1. How to setup time.
    2. How to react when present.
    3. Bring the facts and statistics.  Is it helpful?
    4. Can you approach politicians that you didn’t vote for?
    5. Follow-up and follow-threw
    6. Who are the bureaucrats?
  25. High Conflict Divorce
    1. What is the definition of a high conflict divorce?
    2. Restraining orders
    3. Prior military spouse that took an oath and care nothing about taking your guns away.
    4. What is the Famous “Err on the side of cause” that judge love to use?
    5. How long can a divorce take?
    6. False allegations.
  26. Misuse of public services
    1. What is a misuse of public services?
    2. Do the police like to get involved?
    3. A police officers point of view?
    4. Are the police being coached or taught by federal agent’s false statistics?
    5. Document everything?  How effective?  How true is it really?
    6. When the police show up at your door.  What are you entitled to say or do?
    7. Domestic Violence?
  27. Delusional Behaviors
    1. When a delusional behavior is true or false.
    2. What is the delusion?
    3. Words from a Psychotherapist
  28. Juvenile Courts
    1. Are juvenile courts just as bad?
    2. Is there any oversight within juvenile courts?
    3. What happens when your child goes through this system?
    4. What are the statistics?
    5. Are kids labeled past the age of 18?
    6. What happens when your child is taken by the state and put into foster care?
    7. Kids for cash?
    8. Private prisons
  29. Leave It To The Professionals
    1. Who are considered professionals/Experts?
    2. Are they always right?
    3. Can it be reversed if proven wrong?
    4. Are professionals in the back pocket of the Judge?
    5. Who are picked to be the experts in family related issues?
    6. Can you oppose to certain experts?
    7. What to do if professionals don’t behave.  What can you do in family court?
    8. Can you record the professionals in your state?
    9. The benefits and punishments for recording?
  30. Jailed Parents
    1. Why are parents jailed?
    2. Not paying Child Support vs. Over Paying…
    3. What happens when a parent is jailed?
    4. How will your family and friends treat you when you’re jailed?
    5. How will your employer treat you?
    6. Does having a record effect your employment?
  31. Anti-Family Agenda
    1. What is Anti-Family?
    2. How long was this agenda?
    3. Is every state the same?  Is every county the same?
    4. Are men vs. Women treated fairly?
    5. Why aren’t people speaking out?
    6. Using the family court as a shield?
    7. The psychology of the broken family.
    8. Dating after marriage?
    9. Do you have to have a marriage license?
    10. Does your child need a social security number and a birth certificate?
    11. Why the government has a harder time with native Indians and the Amish when it comes to the family unit.  
  32. The Psychology of Children
    1. Do children lie?
    2. Methods used to study your child.  How effective are these methods?
    3. If two experts are hired are the results normally the same?
    4. Why is there so much grey matter? 
    5. What is consistency?
    6. Why children don’t have the right to choose to live with one parent over the other?
  33. The United Nations and the world Agenda For Family
    1. The family unit via the United Nations.
    2. Is the anti-family a global playground?
    3. What’s the difference between America vs. other countries?
    4. Statistics
  34. The Breakdown of Family
    1. Shot gun style of the family unit
    2. Who we surround ourselves with.
    3. Social Media influences.’
    4. The television and its influences.
    5. The concept that it takes a community to raise your child…
    6. The injections from family and how it can affect the marriage.
  35. Why Judges Stay... Why Aren’t They Voted Out
    1. Why are judges in office for so long?
    2. How is family court judges elected?
    3. How are lawyers treated after running for campaign and lose?
    4. Judicial Commission and how to use.
  36. Experts That Judge But Their Backgrounds Exposed
    1. Exposing bad experts
    2. What usually happens to experts behaving badly?
    3. Do experts lose their children when acting badly?
    4. How does society judge these people?
    5. Statistics
    6. What qualifies people with titles “experts”
  37. What To Look For In Your New Soul Mate
    1. What is equally yoked?
    2. If he/she did it in the past are you next?
    3. 0-360 via the support system?
    4. What to look for with the history with your new mate.
    5. Adopting your spouse’s children.  Good vs. Bad idea?
    6. Online dating; is it an online candy store?
    7. Getting remarried? 
    8. Licensed By The State…  What for?
    9. A prenuptial agreement.  Is it worth it?
    10. If he/she did it to their spouse can they do it to you?
    11. Can love really turn from love to hate over night?
  38. Bringing Up Your Child In A Godless World
    1. Know your enemy.  Lack of knowledge.
    2. Responsibility of the parent
    3. Who really owns your child?
    4. Filtering out the negativity and the ungodly?
    5. Public schools
    6. Does it really take a community to raise your child?
    7. The new agenda and brainwashing.
  39. Home Schooling
    1. The misconceptions of home schooling
    2. Statistics
    3. The responsibility of the parent
    4. Their pledge of allegiance
    5. Public vs. Home schooling and the state
    6. Home schooling and the military
    7. Leadership
  40. Pushed or Forced Vaccinations
    1. What is the difference between forced and conformity?
    2. What are in vaccinations?
    3. Statistics
    4. Related diseases and population control factors
    5. Hoax vs. Surreal Outbreaks
    6. Propaganda
  41. The Amish – Why The Government Has No Authority
    1. What is the difference between the Amish vs. Traditional family
    2. Divorce via the Amish.  Does it exist?
    3. Family dynamics
  42. Marriage (Man, Wife and the State vs. Man, Wife and God?)
    1. God vs. Conformity
    2. Laws geared for licensed marriage
    3. What if you and your partner (spouse) decide to be married but not with the state?
    4. A prenuptial agreement.  Is this what God has intended?
    5. Giving authority to the state.
    6. Benefits and lifestyle difficulties without a license.
  43. Voices from Alienated Children And The Effects
    1. Voices from children
      1. Was it worth it?
      2. What would you have changed if you had the option?
      3. Thoughts about your country and the justice system.
      4. If there was one wish, what would you wish about the system that alienated you from the other parent?
    2. Professional not believing me.  Why?
    3. Parents that use a shield of law without the concept of moral and ethical standards.
    4. Judged for your works and common sense.
    5. Is it about child support?
  44. Parents That Became Homeless and Bankrupt
    1. What happens if you don’t pay child support?
    2. Can a paying parent better themselves in the workplace?
    3. What is child support fraud?
    4. Why some are prosecuted vs others for not paying child support?
    5. What assistance does the government provide for homeless parents.
    6. Can child support be lowered?
    7. Title4-D and the social security act
    8. How do the kids feel about their government after witnessing what the government did to their parent?
    9. Dating while broke and the strain in your relationship?
  45. Legal Advice From Successful Family Court Attorneys
    1. Why are some families successful in family court while others are not?
    2. Is it really about the representation?
    3. Thoughts on Pro Se.  Are they treated the same?
    4. Statistics
    5. They say “Play The Game”
  46. Why Parents Are Reluctant to Speak Out
    1. The responsibility of the parent
    2. What does the bible have to say about exposing evil?
    3. Why are we programmed to be passive or is there more to the story?
    4. What do family and friends think about your divorce?
    5. Why is it embarrassing?
  47. The Evolution of Family
    1. How far did the family court concept from 40, 30, 20 years ago?
    2. What was the family dynamics 100 years ago and beyond?
    3. Society vs. the family
    4. Television concept of the family.
  48. What Parents Didn’t Know
    1. Showing emotion (Good or Bad)
    2. You’re rights as a parent.
    3. Do your children have a voice?
    4. Can experts hired by the courts damage your relationship with your children?
    5. Can children be brainwashed?
    6. What are the morals and ethics behind people that use the system as a shield?
    7. Why do bad parents win custody battles?
  49. The Dysfunctional Family According to DSM5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
    1. How many illnesses are there?
    2. Who classifies these as ligament mental disorders?
    3. Is showing emotion about how someone loves their family an illness?
    4. Does everyone show the same emotions?
    5. What do psychologists study when they interview you?
    6. Is there another DSM book coming out?
    7. How accurate are these books and what are they used for?
  50. Abortion... Is It Murder?
    1. What does the bible have to say about abortions?
    2. When and where was the first abortion and who taught that practice?
    3. How many abortions are there per state?
    4. Where are these clinics and why are they legal?
    5. Where is the disconnect of morals and values?
    6. How do these doctors get paid and where is the money coming from?
    7. The after effects of abortion later in life.
    8. Do men have a voice?
    9. Is this really part of the feminist agenda?
  51. Where are we headed as a nation?
    1. Some say this nation is a Godless nation.  Is it true?
    2. Sodom and Gomorrah.  What happened and why?
    3. Who owns the courts?  Is it really the State Bar professionals?
    4. Follow the money.
    5. How does God judge the nations for their iniquity?  Did he do before and why?  
  52. This Year’s Wrap-up With The Board Members And The Coming Year
    1. This year’s wrap-up
    2. Board members talk about if we should do it again next year.
    3. The plan for the following year.

Live feeds can be viewed and heard from the ParentalRights website.  More information will be posted shortly! :)


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